Our links to great books, videos, and websites/blogs that have provided great information on going vegan.

Facebook Support Group & Daily News:

  • Vegan Vagabonds Page:  Join us for daily discussion, news, helpful links and more!
  • All Vegan All Delish:  Ray Smith had enjoyed a plant-based diet for over 600 days and lost over 200 pounds, great info


  • Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (Free HERE! on your computer or Free at; Also available via Netflix or Amazon Prime)- fascinating movie that everyone in the family will love.  Starts out a little slow, but you'll be hooked before long and loving the ending.  Do watch all the way to the credits!  I'm not going to spoil it by telling you why.  :)
  • Forks Over Knives (Currently Free HERE! or for rent at Netflix or Amazon Prime) - If you read no books or watch no other videos, this one is it!  All the research presented in an engaging and highly compelling 90 minutes.
  • Food, Inc (Netflix)- a rather disturbing film on the source of our food, the demise of family farms by the workings of mega-factories.  It's changed the way many people eat.
  • Foodmatters (Netflix Online)
  • Hungry for Change (New film from Foodmatters)
  • Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue (Netflix Online or Amazon Prime):  Rip Esselystyn visits the homes of several new plant-eaters to help them prepare their food stations, buy new food in the store, and then make their first meals.  Very helpful for new plant-eaters!


  • Eat to Live - Dr. Joel Fuhrman:  This is the "bible" for the plant-based diet.  Simple to read, clear, and Dr. Fuhrman tells you exactly what to do to get healthy.  Half the book is comprised of recipes.
  • Engine 2 Diet - Rip Esselystn:  This former Austin, TX firefighter gives clear instructions on what to eat and simple recipes that are delicious and replicate "normal" food that we are used to, but all plant-based.  He is Dr. Esselstyn's son (Chief Cardiac Surgeon at Cleveland Clinic who reversed heart disease via plant-based diet)
  • The China Study- Dr. Colin Campbell:  Are you just not sure about this hokey nutritional research?  Dr. Campbell knows more about protein as it relates to nutrition than probably anyone else on the planet- read and be convinced by the breadth of studies and depth of the peer-reviewed research.  This technical book converts the skeptic.  
  • Forks Over Knives - summary of the research by Dr. Esselystyn, Dr. Campbell and many more, with some recipes at the back.
  • Quantum Wellness - Kathy Freston - her 21-day cleanse is what Tessa's family lives every day.  Interesting first-person story of health thru diet, with good tips.
  • Juicing, Fasting, & Detoxing for Life - Calborn - the author had some difficult healing to do multiple times in her life and credits healthy juicing for her recoveries.  Impressive nutritional knowledge of juicing.
  • Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat- Howard Lyman:  Sued with Oprah for criticizing the meat industry, this cattle rancher tracks his story in ranching, the food industry, the government involvement, the effects of chemicals on the land, and the takeover of mega-farms to the demise of family farms.  An easy-to-read, informative first-hand source of fascinating information that most "meat-at-every-meal" men enjoy.  This guy is a man's man and thus, very convincing in the end.

Vegan Recipe Books:

Raw Vegan Recipe Books:

Great Products & Stores:

  • Blendtec high-speed blenders.  Lynne & Evelyn's favorite!
  • Vitamix high-speed blenders. Tessa's favorite!

  • LocalHarvest.Org - What's better than an organic grocery store chain?  A local farmer's market or CSA/Co-Op!  This website is a fantastic resource to find locally-grown fresh foods.
  • Whole Foods Market - While you can often find less-expensive produce at other stores, Whole Foods carries a number of vegan staples that you won't find in most traditional grocery stores (such as Agave Nectar, Nutritional Yeast, etc).

Websites & Blogs:

     Vegan Helpful Blogs:
     Raw Vegan & Juicing Blogs:
  • Rawmazing:  Amazing recipes with pictures, really talented
  • Ani Phyo:  Great recipe books and a leader in the Raw Food movement
  • Join The Reboot:  uplifting Joe Cross' site from the FS&ND movie with juicing info
    How-To Sites:

    Eating Out help:

    Famous Vegans:

    Success Stories:

  • Rich Roll:  Vegan Diet turns fat Dad into Ultraman- an amazing transformation
  • Ray Smith (All Vegan All Delish):  His story losing over 200 pounds via plant-based diet

    Other Vegan/Vegetarian RV Bloggers:

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