Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Eating a Vegan Diet

Can heart disease be prevented and (usually) reversed?  Yes it can!
Are we doomed because of our genetics?  No way!  That is old information.

Taking responsibility for our own heart health, regardless of genetics, starts with learning modern nutritional research, which overwhelmingly indicates that we should be eating a whole foods, plant-based diet and avoiding all animal products (although Dr. Oz adds fish 3x/week).

Dr. Esselstyn calls Heart Disease a "Toothless paper tiger that need never exist."  To get fully up to speed, here are multiple doctors, with websites, to help with your research:

Dr. Esselystn: http://www.heartattackproof.com/excerpt.htm
"My message is clear and absolute: coronary artery disease need not exist, and if it does, it need not progress... I believe that coronary artery disease is preventable, and that even after it is underway, its progress can be stopped, its insidious effects reversed… The key lies in nutrition—specifically, in abandoning the toxic American diet and maintaining cholesterol levels well below those historically recommended by health policy experts."

Dr. Barnard:  http://tinyurl.com/otoxp8z 
"The greatest advance in the understanding of heart, or cardiovascular, disease (CVD) was the discovery that this disease can be virtually eliminated by controlling three factors: cholesterol, smoking, and blood pressure...To clean up your arteries (reverse atherosclerosis), a very low-fat, no-cholesterol diet must be followed strictly. Immediate benefits, such as relief of chest pains (angina) and tolerance for more exercise, are seen within days."

Dr. Fuhrman: http://www.drfuhrman.com/disease/HeartDisease.aspx
"Heart disease, medical interventions and heart attack deaths can be totally prevented. You can make a decision not to die of heart disease… Most people are not aware that heart disease can be totally prevented and cholesterol levels drop radically low without drugs with my Eat To Live diet-style; a program for those who want to completely remove their risk of heart disease and not merely lower their risk a little. It is designed for those who are not satisfied with mediocrity and for those who want to know the most effective way to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, reverse diabetes and reverse heart disease naturally."

Dr. McDougall:  http://www.drmcdougall.com/misc/2007nl/oct/if.htm
"Changing to a plant-food based diet will cause a 90% reduction in the frequency of chest pain episodes (the primary reason for heart surgery) in less than 3 weeks.  Over months, actual healing of the artery disease (reversal of atherosclerosis) can be demonstrated in almost all patients who follow a low-fat, starch-based diet."

Dr. Oz:  http://www.bhg.com/health-family/conditions/heart-disease/preventing-a-heart-attack/
Push past your fears by finding the joy in adopting a healthy program and by making it fun. "You absolutely can reverse and virtually eliminate heart disease by making sensible lifestyle changes," he says.

"Take Heart!  Heart Disease is Preventable" article: The University of Chicago Medicine http://www.uchospitals.edu/specialties/heart/services/prevention/prevent-CVD.html

Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease is described for you by Dr. Oz and guess what it is?  A plant-based diet!  “Reverse Your Heart Disease in 28 Days” http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/reverse-your-heart-disease-28-days

Here's another good book to read:  "Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease":  http://www.amazon.com/Ornishs-Program-Reversing-Heart-Disease/dp/0804110387

Here's a book I haven't read, but it sounds like they understand that heart disease is a lifestyle disease, not a genetic death sentence:  "Reverse Heart Disease Now: Stop Deadly Cardiovascular Plaque Before It's Too Late"


This is not some wild-hair idea of mine that I am irresponsibly preaching.  The medical information is out there for those willing to research and be open-minded.

I will cheer on everyone willing to take responsibility for their health by at least changing to the cleanest diet possible, which based on science is a vegan diet, rather than blaming poor health on genetics.  Why not do everything you can to take care of your health and then, if your worst fears are confirmed and genetics get you in the end, well; you've done all you can.

Personally, if I chose not share this transformative information about heart disease that Americans so desperately need to hear, it would seem irresponsible to me.  So I will shout it from the rooftops in the hopes that someone benefits.   To your exceptional health!


  1. Thanks Tessa for the big effort you put into writing a wonderful article.

  2. Tessa, thanks for sharing this information, and thanks so much for all the effort you and your two compatriots have put into doing this blog--it has been a real inspiration to me, and I'm definitely sold on this. My wife and I started eating mostly vegan in mid February, about a month or so before we embarked on a 7 month RV excursion, and since then I've lost over 70 pounds, my wife has lost over 40 and we both feel so much better! I've been keeping a blood pressure log and periodically sending it to my doctor back home, and she's so far taken me off one of my bp meds completely; hope to get to the point where I can get off the other two and the cholesterol med I've been on for years. This has been life transforming for me and you, Lynne and Evelyn have been more help than you could ever know, so thank you big time!

    1. Jack, your comment made my day! Thank you for sharing your tremendous success story too! Way to go!! I am so thrilled that your wife and you are feeling so good and getting healthy. Thank you SO much for sharing and please keep us posted on your progress. Happy travels! (Tessa)