Saturday, August 24, 2013

On George W’s Stent-A poem by George Parker

Two guest posts two days in a row!   George Parker is the husband of yesterday’s guest post co-author Barbara Parker.  Don’t you just love this poem? 

George W (dubya)
Is in trouble.
His high cholesterol
May be his downfall.

He got a stent.
Not a major event,
But the long term trend
Is not his friend.

Elective stenting
Leaves me venting.
It’s a crime
That will do no time.

It’s also malpractice
(With medical taxis)
To fix one spot
When the whole system’s shot.

There is no cure,
So he must endure
Future procedures
That may leave him weaker.

There'll be more sutures
In his future
And his survival
May require a revival.

No, not religious,
But more delicious;
A plant based diet
That gives him respite.