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Cholesterol - Lower Your Total Cholesterol Below 150

Cholesterol - Lower Your Total Cholesterol Below 150
by Tessa
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  1. You should know your recent cholesterol number just as well as you know your weight.  Get your cholesterol checked at any corner drugstore that has a medi-clinic in it, or simply ask at your pharmacy
  2. Cholesterol levels can change quickly, as in just 2 weeks
  3. Eating fish for just 5 days raised Tessa's cholesterol from 124 to 180 (as measured 6 days after the vacation "cheating")
  4. 150 is the Heart-Attack Proof magic cholesterol number to be under: these 3 people said they'd never seen a heart attack in a person with Blood Cholesterol level below 150:  The longterm Editor of the medical journal, Cardiology; Dr. Esselstyn, Cleveland Clinic Cardiac Surgeon, and the Director of the Framingham Heart Study, Dr. Castilli (p. 48, Engine 2 Diet)
  5. 35% of all heart attacks occur in people with cholesterol between 150 and 200 (p. 132  The China Study).  A cholesterol level "under 200" as the medical profession suggests will NOT protect you.  150 protects you.
  6. The cholesterol average of long-term Vegans:  125
  7. Animal-based protein raises cholesterol (p. 117 The China Study)
  8. Plant-based protein lowers cholesterol (p. 117 The China Study)
  9. Sugar (fructose) raises cholesterol possibly by overloading the liver.  Dr. Mercola believes Fructose (and Trans Fat) are the causes of Heart disease (Dr. Mercola does not follow a fully plant-based diet, but his perspective bears considering)
  10. Oatmeal, Red Rice Yeast, and some other plant foods help lower cholesterol dramatically. Look at Dr. Oz's information (particularly the first one!) for lowering your cholesterol naturally
  11. Exercise lowers cholesterol
  12. Cholesterol lowered by medication appears to make NO medical difference in heart attack outcome.  Which makes me ask:  Why take the meds?  A natural, lifestyle diet change will improve your health in ALL ways and is far safer than by medication.
  13. Engine 2 Plant-Strong Diet by Rip Esselstyn is designed to lower your cholesterol dramatically in 4 weeks.  It is the plant-based diet that we eat which includes NO:

  • meat 
  • dairy 
  • sugar
  • added oils (even olive oil)
  • processed food
  • added salt
  • alcohol
  • caffeine 

Instead, eat vegetables, fruits, whole grain breads and pastas, and nuts and seeds.  There are 5000 different plants out there to enjoy!

Your taste buds will change after you remove all these items from your diet, particularly meat.

Most people are surprised to learn that they enjoy this diet immensely!

A Summary of Cholesterol Research well-documented in The China Study by Dr. Colin Campbell:

In 1953. autopsies of American soldiers killed in the Korean War showed "fully 77.3% of the hearts... had 'gross evidence' of heart disease (The China Study p. 112) with an average age 22.

"When we measured the blood cholesterol levels in China, we were shocked.  They ranged 70-170 mg/dL!  Their high was our low..."  (The China Study, p. 107)  Why?  Because they eat a mostly plant-based diet.

"Simply lower the risk factors, such as blood cholesterol and blood pressure , and you lower the risk of heart disease."  (The China Study, p. 115)

"A whole foods, plant-based diet can prevent and treat heart disease... " (p. 133)

"The layperson must be aware that a whole foods, plant-based diet is far and away the healthiest diet." (p. 132)

Yes indeed!
Check your cholesterol often, eat plant-strong, and protect yourself from heart-disease!

By Tessa

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