Monday, June 25, 2012

Coronary Artery Calcium Scan (by Evelyn)

My results are in!
This is unbelievable but my score was 0 percent in each of the 4 arteries checked. The scoring can go to over 1,000 (meaning there's a 20% chance of a heart attack within the year).
Narrative on my results say "According to this ranking 99% of the patients in the reference group have a higher calcium score than this patient". Also, "Coronary atherosclerosis including unstable plaque is very unlikely when no calcifications are present. A significant luminal obstructive disease is also very unlikely. Most patients without coronary calcifications have angiographically normal arteries."
You know, I have never believed in taking calcium supplements and wonder if this has anything to do with the low score. The other thing is I thought that with high cholesterol (mine was 304 ten years ago pre-statins and 285 in April without statins) it was almost certain that there would be at least some heart disease.  So evidently, having high cholesterol doesn’t carry that much weight?  Some cardiologists believe a Coronary Calcium Scan to be a more valuable screening test than a cholesterol blood test.  Unfortunately, most insurance companies will not pay for the scan.  Mine cost $199 and was worth every cent.
Here’s hoping that my blood test results, which should be in this week, don’t contradict these findings.


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  1. Interesting! That's good news! I'm surprised that the scan is no more expensive than that.

    Is no-animal eating supposed to lower calcification, if present? Or is it a static warning?